Friday, April 3, 2015

The Two Most Important Things I Want My Grandsons to Know About Resurrection Sunday - Otherwise Known as Easter

You can not go into a store this time of year without seeing bunnies, baskets and eggs of all shapes, colors and flavors! Afterall, who doesn't enjoy a tasty chocolate bunny or egg? (As long as it is fair trade and child slave labor free.)

But, while I'm coloring eggs today with my grandsons and we will have an egg hunt and baskets of goodies for them, there are two things I really want them to know about this important day.
  1. It is NOT about the bunny. I do not tell my grandsons there really is an "Easter Bunny", just as I do not tell them there is a "Santa Clause". I tell them the truth - the bunny and decorating then finding eggs are just fun things to do this time of year.
  2. It IS about Jesus! He is real! He did not stay dead; He is alive!!! He loves them! He died to pay for their sins, so they could be forgiven! They can know and walk with Him! One day He is coming back!
Yes, we have fun with decorating, hiding and then finding the eggs. Yes, I prepare baskets (actually sand pails) with fun goodies inside for them to find, but while these things are fun, the best, most amazing part of Resurrection Sunday is the fact of how Jesus did not stay dead! He rose from the dead so they - and everyone - can be forgiven and know and walk with Him! 

God's grace is so amazing and because of Jesus' resurrection we can experience it and live lives filled with joy. This is absolutely what I want my grandsons to know!

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