Thursday, April 9, 2015

Time with the boys!

I have been able to enjoy additional time with my grandsons this week since Josiah is on Spring Break . . . I love spending time with the boys, so I am enjoying this week a great deal! We decorated eggs - crayons on fresh from the cooking pot so the shells were still hot, and food coloring, baking soda and vinegar . . . lots of bubbles and fun!

It is so fun to watch these three sweet boys grow up! Josiah is getting taller and his reading skills are growing by leaps and bounds. I love to listen to him read and happily, he is usually willing to grab a book and read to his grandma! While he seems to be growing up so quickly, he is still just a six-year-old boy and I enjoy seeing his imagination and his confidence - he told me he was going to run around my dining room table 100 times! Then he began running and counted each time he made a complete lap around the table! When he reached ten, I told him maybe he could count to 100 by tens. He said, "But then I won't really be running around the table 100 times. But . . . it does sound like a good idea!" So, he ran around the table ten more times - this time counting by tens!

Caleb is so snuggly - he typically heads straight for my lap when he arrives at my house, which of course I do not mind at all! He is also showing his humor skills more and more! He may end up being the brother who plays the most "jokes" on family - and always with a twinkle in his eyes! He often will act like he is going to kiss me and only end up giving me a raspberry instead . . . which of course is seriously funny! He is learning so many things, showing why it is so much fun to be three-years-old!

Little Shane is enjoying knowing how to make animal sounds . . . he woof-woofs like a puppy, meows like a kitty and quacks like a duck! He likes to eat from a bowl with his mouth - like his "brother" Gimli (the dog) does . . . and crawl while saying, "Woof, woof!" If I ask him if he is a puppy, he will smile and "woof" some more! He makes me laugh - it is fun watching this one and a half year old grow!

All three boys make my heart happy! I'm so thankful God made these three boys and gave them to my family!

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