Monday, April 20, 2015

Warm Day = Water Play and Two Drenched Boys!

Josiah, Caleb and Shane usually are at my house for a sleep-over on Friday nights, but this past week, they were here Saturday night - which, means we had a lot of fun and a very busy two days! Saturday in West Michigan was an absolutely beautiful day . . . sunny and warm - in the 70's. This meant the boys had to play outside and of course water was involved!

They took turns holding the garden hose and being the "sprinkler" as the other boy ran in and out of the water . . . and of course being sprayed on purpose, too! They created an "epic" flood in the sandbox . . . they put so much water in the sandbox, it overflowed and made a waterfall. And there were definitely water guns involved in the outside playing. They came in after playing as two completely drenched boys - if the level of being drenched is any indicator of the amount of fun they had, it is absolutely safe to say they had a great amount of fun!

Today is chilly and rainy . . . as you might expect for Spring in Michigan! I'm really glad we had such a warm day Saturday for the boys to enjoy!

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