Tuesday, May 5, 2015

A Heritage of Family!

Image result for family clipartI have been truly blessed in my life; I grew up with a mother and grandmothers who taught me what it means to be a mom and grandma - and they taught be cooking is a wonderful - and tasty way - to show love to those I love!

I have been blessed with two children and a daughter-in-law, so my experience as a mom is one I am thankful for. I am now blessed with three grandsons and the opportunity to know the joy of being, "grandma" . . . Caleb told me the other day, my "name" is, "grandma"!

God has been oh, so generous to me and has blessed me in such wonderful ways - a heritage of women who loved their families and the opportunity to continue this heritage. So, as Mother's Day approaches, I enjoy the opportunity it gives for me to spend time with my family - some of God's greatest gifts for whom I am most thankful!

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