Wednesday, May 13, 2015

crafting with grandma - Crocheted Purse!

I like purses and I enjoy crocheting, so from time to time I decide to crochet myself a new purse! I have a number of purses, but since I crochet them - often from yarn I have left over from other projects - this is something I do to "treat" myself!

The other day I felt like making a new purse, so I browsed on Pinterest looking for ideas. I knew I wanted to make a purse with a "quilt-like" look and ended up making a log cabin square, pinwheel square and patchwork square for a purse I'm very happy with! I crocheted a simple lining and used one square for the front of the purse, another for the back and then the third for the flap. I'm very happy with the finished purse!

This is a simple project which you could use to teach your granddaughter or daughter to crochet. It is a great pattern and one she could use to make gifts for her mother, sisters, friends or to sell and then use the money to buy bunnies from WorldHelp to give to families in need around the world! (See this link for info on WorldHelp's bunny project.)

Teaching granddaughters to crochet can be fun and a way to give them a skill which they may find to be fun and something which allows them to make things for the people they love throughout their lives! Do you know how to crochet? If so, who taught you? (My sister taught me to crochet!)

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