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grandma's bookshelf - Cottonmouth and the End

I was recently invited to participate a book review/blog tour for the Cottonmouth series and have been sharing my reviews of Cottonmouth and the River and Cottonmouth and the Great Gift over the past two days. Today I'm very happy to share my final review of Cottonmouth and the End, the third and final book of the series.

I absolutely stand by what I said; "these books are unlike anything I've ever read. The artwork is nothing short of amazing and the way it is used is unexpected and unique; really draws you into the story. The story itself is engaging, emotional and one which leaves you (or at least me) not sure what will happen next and hardly able to wait to read and discover what happens next. These books are amazing for these reasons, but even more so because of the message which is woven throughout this story."

Cottonmouth and the End
Author/Illustrator - C.S. Fritz
Publisher - David C. Cook
Ages - 8-12 (although it is actually for everyone!)

Favorite Features -
  • All the things I loved about the first two Cottonmouth books, I love even more in Cottonmouth and the End!
  • Strong messages - how easy it is to be deceived and distracted by the darkness and how important it is for us to stay focused on the job and message Jesus has given to us! And, how the price can be high when we indulge our selfishness and choose to follow "darkness".
  • I love the message of how Jesus' work on the cross "finished" loneliness, sadness and fear and gives us courage because we know this world and Satan does not really have the power - Jesus does and He overcame the world!
  • I LOVE how when King Tug sends Freddie and Pox on their journey, he tells them they are not alone because He will always be with them and he loves them more than they will ever know. 
David C. Cook says; "Join Frederick Cottonmouth as he steps out of our world and into another in order to complete his mission. In this dramatic conclusion to young Freddie's story, he will face great challenges and conflicts. How will Freddie react when he comes face-to-face with true darkness? Parents and their children will savor this creative story which has the artistic sense of Where the Wild Things Are, the heart of Narnia, and the redemptive themes of sacrifice and friendship."

I really loved this final edition of the Cottonmouth stories - especially when King Tug says, "I've been wanting to give these to you all along. You, Fredrick Cottonmouth, have a very special job to do. Like Pox, and many others, you are to spread my love like little kernels, planting them in the hearts of lonely children everywhere. Will you help me?" Without a doubt, this is a message I want my grandsons to hear, believe and take to heart; God has a very special job for them to do! 

Cottonmouth and the End will absolutely capture the attention and imagination and heart of the children, teens, and adults who hear and read it. It is a solid series, one you will want to read to your grandchildren/children, because not only is it an excellent story, but it is a gift. A gift which will give you the opportunity to have many important conversations with your grandchildren/children.

And, as a reminder, don't forget the special surprises - David C Cook (the publisher) is holding a drawing for a signed, original piece of art-work from Cottonmouth and the End and a drawn-in copy of Cottonmouth and the EndYou can enter this drawing, and have 19 days to do so, by using the link in the box at the top, right side of grandma's cookie jar!

Plus, if you and your grandchild/child write a letter to Freddie Cottonmouth, he will write back to you! It will be a fun thing for you to do after reading these books - become Pen Pals with Freddie! And, what child doesn't enjoy receiving mail? Your grandchildren/children will enjoy this as well!

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