Friday, May 8, 2015

grandma's bookshelf - Cottonmouth and the River

As I wrote yesterday, I am invited to review many books each year and I was recently invited to do so once again. This time the books were not what I expected. In fact, it would not be exaggerating to say the books are entirely unexpected! Not only unexpected. They are some of the most unique, engaging and moving books I have read. On top of all of this, these are books I want my grandsons to hear me read to them. They are books I want them to read for themselves as they learn to read (only Josiah can read so far). They are books I want my grandsons to read to their own children one day.

Why? Because not only are these books the things I just wrote, but the have the very important messages of loneliness, love, choices, consequences and sacrifice all presented in a most unexpected way (yes, I used the word unexpected again, but it is because this word does describe these books).

Today I am very happy to share with you the book Cottonmouth and the River; the first book in this trilogy.

Cottonmouth and the River
Author/Illustrator - C.S. Fritz
Publisher - David C. Cook
Ages - 8-12

Favorite Features -
  • Artwork is nothing short of amazing!
  • I really love the unique way illustrations and words are used in this book to create suspense, tell the story without words and truly pull you into the adventure.
  • The story captivates you right away leaving you wondering what it is really all about and not able to stop reading until you reach the end . . . only to find it is a true, "cliff-hanger"!
  • Of course, this means you have to read the next book!
  • The message in this story is clear and powerful - God loves us, Jesus wants us to have real life; one which amazes us! Our choices made His sacrifice necessary, but one which He freely offered because He loves us and was able to do what we can not do . . . "fix things".
David C. Cook says; "Tug loves taking Freddie on wild adventures—trips to the moon, building castles, or catching fireflies with Freddie riding on his wide furry back. When Freddie finds a mysterious egg, Tug makes him promise never to eat it. But Freddie is about to discover broken promises come at a great price. This is the rare children’s story—both bold and tender and brimming with moments of great risk, adventure, and heart. Combining the artistic wonder of Where the Wild Things Are with the timeless storytelling of The Polar Express, this story will capture both the imagination and the intelligence of children and their parents as it sheds light on the power of sin, sacrifice, and redemption."

I was moved by this story, and very thankful to be able to read all three books together! I can not wait to read it to my grandsons; I know they will find it exciting, even scary at moments, but the message will come through loud and clear. As I said yesterday; "Freddie Cottonmouth is a ten year old boy who is alone, but he discovers not only is he not as alone as he thinks and feels, but he is loved. This is not a 'love' which is just spoken, but one which is shown by the greatest sacrifice. A life-changing sacrifice. A purpose-giving sacrifice. Freddie's life is changed and those who read these books - or have them read to them - will be challenged to experience this love and have their lives changed as well!

The Cottonmouth series is certainly one children will love, as will teens, college age young people, parents, grandparents and single adults, too, because while the story is written as you might expect a story for children to be written, it is also written in a way adults will be 'captured' by as well. They will understand the symbolism and the message of these books, which will speak to all of us.

So, now to the special surprises for you! David C Cook (the publisher) is holding a drawing for a signed, original piece of art-work from Cottonmouth and the End and a drawn-in copy of Cottonmouth and the EndYou can enter this drawing, and have 20 days to do so, by using the link in the box at the top, right side of grandma's cookie jar!

Plus, if you and your grandchild/child write a letter to Freddie Cottonmouth, he will write back to you! It will be a fun thing for you to do after reading these books - become Pen Pals with Freddie! And, what child doesn't enjoy receiving mail? Your grandchildren/children will enjoy this as well!"

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