Saturday, May 2, 2015

Harmonica Boy, Sprinklers & the "Relocater"

Image result for images of sprinklersImage result for images of harmonicas and sprinklersYou know, it is not necesarily the "big" things about being a grandma, which I remember and which make my heart happy. It is often the "small", everyday things! Such as . . . 

My grandsons are at my house today - last night was a sleep-over. Little Shane - almost 21 months old - may have an aptitude for playing the harmonica! He was "playing" it this morning and it actually sounded pretty nice! He did surprisingly well!

Caleb - coming up on four in two and a half months - was playing outside withe the sprinkler . . . he was sopping wet and wanted me to take all his clothes off because he "can not play in the sprinkler with clothes on"! While I told him he could not play outside naked, he had no problem with being naked when playing with the sprinkler - must have something to do with being three and a half! (We compromised - he kept his pants on and took his shirt off!)

Josiah - the oldest at six and a half - is the "Shane relocater". When Shane is into something or where he should not be, Josiah goes and wraps his arms around Shane and "relocates" him! Fortunately, Shane finds it quite funny when his big brother "relocates" him!

None of these things are very "big" . . . but they all are memories which will remind me how blessed I am and make my heart happy!

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