Sunday, May 17, 2015

How Do We Pass on a Heritage of Faith? We Must Be People of the Word!

As I have been saying, "if we have grandchildren we still have a very important 'job' to do. We are part of what Deuteronomy 6 is talking about. We are part of God's plan to pass on a heritage of faith to our grandchildren." Happily, Deuteronomy 6 tells us how we can do exactly this. It begins with . . .
  • Keeping God's words, "on our hearts"! We have to know God's Words to pass them on! This means we have to spend time in God's Word - we have to be people of the Word!
How can we pass on a heritage of faith to our grandchildren if we are not truly people of faith? Our grandchildren will see if our faith is not real; and will want nothing to do with it. But, if we are people who spend time in God's Word and truly live it, then we will be people who can do as Deuteronomy 6 says and keep God's words; "on our hearts".

We need to be people who do not just read God's Word - although this is definitely a big part of it, but we need to be people who keep God's Words on our hearts. The word, "keep" means; "have, or retain possession of". Generally, things we keep, or retain possession of, are things which have great value to us. God's Word must be more than just something we read out of duty or habit; it must be something we treasure. Do we treasure God's Word?

Passing on a heritage of faith is all about passing on something of value; something of great value and it begins with treasuring God's Word. If we want our grandchildren to be people who love, know and walk with God, we have to love God's Word; keep it, "on our hearts" and pass this love on to our grandchildren, so they love it and keep it, "on their hearts", too!

A few simple ways you can do this include . . . 
  • Sharing with your grandchildren the things you discover as you spend time in God's Word.
  • Learn to pray Scripture back to God and teach your grandchildren how to do the same.
  • Get into the habit of writing Scripture which stands out to you onto sticky notes, then give them to your grandchildren so they can put them where they will see and remember them.
  • Ask your grandchildren what they are discovering from God's Word as they read it.
  • Ask them to give you sticky notes with verses which stand out to them.
  • Read God's Word together.
There are many more, but these are just a few ways you can keep God's Words, "on your heart" and teach your grandchildren to do the same. When you do this, you will be passing on a heritage of faith!

How do you pass on a heritage of faith to your grandchildren by being a person of the Word who keeps God's Words, "on your heart"?

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