Monday, May 11, 2015

just for fun - Summer Musical Fun!

In four weeks Josiah's First Grade year will be completed and Summer will be beginning! While my grandsons are great fans of Phineas and Ferb and are quite imaginative, I do not expect to see them building any roller coasters or time machines in their or my yard this Summer! However; they and we can certainly provide opportunities for their imagination to grow and for them to learn, play and just plain have a lot of fun!

Music can be a great way to expand imaginations and a fun way for children to play - I plan to add a "music wall" to one end of the playground in my yard by putting pans, cans and other items which the boys can tap and pound upon to make "music". So, when I noticed a pin on Pinterest this morning with more than 20 ideas of fun ways to make music with children, I had to check it out!

There are several ideas I will definitely be trying with my grandsons - both inside and out - over the summer . . . after all, coming to grandma's house should be a lot of fun! You will find the links for these great musical ideas at this link - which ones do you like the best? What do you think you will try with your grandchildren? I really like the can back-yard band and the popsicle harmonic ideas, but am sure I'll try others as well!

When the boys make music, we will talk about how music is a gift from God and use our music to spend time praising Him! We will have a fun summer, for sure!


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