Thursday, May 14, 2015

More than 14 Giveaways to Go - Enter to Win!

Image result for clipart for giveaways
Image result for clipart for giveawaysWe are almost half-way through our 2015 Month of Birthday Giveaways, but there are still 14 more giveaways to go! I do so love Birthday Month of Giveaways!!! Plus, you have the opportunity to enter the giveaways for Cottonmouth and the End - an amazing book - two different giveaway opportunities for this book! Double the opportunity to win it!

So, just check the images down the left side of grandma's cookie jar - the links will take you to posts which give you the specifics for each giveaway. You still have time to enter all these giveaways - who knows, maybe you will win, but to win, you have to enter!

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