Friday, May 15, 2015

Summer Fun - Ice Eggs with a Surprise Inside!

 Last summer, we apparently had "treasure" burying "pirates" in my neighborhood! Or, at least, so my grandsons thought as I buried "treasure" in my sandbox throughout the summer for them to discover! This "treasure" was things like bubbles, squirt guns, plastic cars, etc. - things which could be buried in a sandbox and mostly played with outside.

It was fun - for them and for me!

This summer I'm leaning towards making "ice eggs". What are "ice eggs", you ask? Well, this morning as I browsed on Pinterest I found and idea where you place small, plastic items (in the pin it was dinosaurs) inside balloons which you then fill with water and freeze. After they are frozen, remove the balloon and voila! Ice Eggs with a surprise inside! You'll find it at this link.
Frozen Dinosaur Eggs!
I think it will be fun for my grandsons to have to get the "surprise" out of the ice eggs . . . they can work on breaking the ice or even melting it with water - they do love to play with water! It looks like an idea I can have fun with this summer with my grandsons, because, grandma's house needs to be a place where fun summer memories are made!

Now to find dinos or cars or some other fun, small plastic items suitable to put inside, Ice Eggs!

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