Thursday, May 7, 2015

The Cottonmouth Series, A Special Give-Away & Opportunity to become Pen Pals!

I am often invited to participate in book reviews and blog tours when new books are released. Many, if not most of these are wonderful books which families will certainly enjoy and which I am honored, delighted and happy to share with you all.

I was recently invited to participate in one such book review/blog tour and received material to review last night. I sat down to read it today and have to say, these books are unlike anything I've ever read. The artwork in these books is nothing short of amazing and the way it is used is unexpected and unique; really draws you into the story. The story itself is engaging, emotional and one which leaves you (or at least me) not sure what will happen next and hardly able to wait to read and discover what happens next. These books are amazing for these reasons, but even more so because of the message which is woven throughout this story.

What are the books? The Cottonmouth Series from C.S. Fritz. Please allow me to share these books with you. Today I'll give an overview of the three and then and let you know about some wonderful opportunities for you and your family to have fun with the stories and win Cottonmouth and the End. But this is not all, because for the following three days I'll review each one individually, but trust me, this set of three books is one where you will absolutely want to read all three.

Cottonmouth and the River
Cottonmouth and the Great Gift
Cottonmouth and the End

Freddie Cottonmouth is a ten year old boy who is alone, but he discovers he is not only as alone as he thinks and feels, but he is loved. This is not a "love" which is just spoken, but one which is shown by the greatest sacrifice. A life-changing sacrifice. A purpose-giving sacrifice. Freddie's life is changed and those who read these books - of have them read to them - will be challenged to experience this love and have their lives changed as well!

The Cottonmouth series is certainly one children will love as will teens, college age young people, parents, grandparents and single adults as well, because while the story is written as you might expect a story for children to be written, it is also written in a way adults will be "captured" by as well. They will understand the symbolism and the message of these books, which will speak to all of us.

So, now to the special surprises for you! David C Cook (the publisher) is holding a drawing for a signed, original piece of art-work from Cottonmouth and the End and a drawn-in copy of Cottonmouth and the End! You can enter this drawing, and have 21 days to do so, by using the link in the box at the top, right side of grandma's cookie jar!

Plus, if you and your grandchild/child write a letter to Freddie Cottonmouth, he will write back to you! It will be a fun thing for you to do after reading these books - become Pen Pals with Freddie! And, what child doesn't enjoy receiving mail? Your grandchildren/children will enjoy this as well!

So, tomorrow I'll review Cottonmouth and the River, Sunday I'll write about Cottonmouth and the Great Gift and Monday I'll share how much I loved Cottonmouth and the End! Please plan to check back in each day.

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