Tuesday, May 26, 2015

The Very Best Kind of Gifts!

Over the weekend I celebrated my birthday - my daughter got up at 5am to surprise me with homemade blueberry muffins on my birthday! (We had to leave by 7am for church - otherwise none of us would have been up that early!) The muffins were delicious, but the gift of getting up so early and baking muffins for me is one which brought tears to my eyes and one I will treasure!

My grandsons gave me birthday hugs and kisses - even Caleb (three years old), who told me; "I do NOT give kisses anymore!" Then he looked at me and gave me a big hug! He looked at me again and gave me a sweet kiss on the cheek! Then he said, "For your birthday." Apparently, he was able to make an exception for grandma's birthday to his new rule about kisses!

Josiah made a paper creation for me - it was made with great love and I treasure it! Caleb and Shane made drawings for me - also gifts to treasure as they all did this on their own because they wanted to make something for me for my birthday! 

Then, my son and daughter-in-law had the boys sing, "Happy Birthday" to me and filmed it. What a wonderful gift! I have watched it over and over - I love this little video and truly treasure this gift!

Yes, for my birthday I received gifts I absolutely treasure from my children and grandchildren. Gifts of love - the very best kind!  A very, happy birthday, indeed!

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  1. Birthday Blessings to you Linda.
    Merry Sunshine