Monday, May 25, 2015

Treasure Rocks at grandma's!

The boys were here Friday night for a sleep-over, so Saturday morning, we had our first hunt for "Treasure Rocks"! I color-coded the "rocks", so each boy knew which one they were looking for. Poppa hid them in the yard and then the boys went out to find them! Of course, once found, they then had to get the "treasure" out of the "rock" . . . which involved vinegar and a squirt bottle!

Treasure Rocks are fun . . . and just take baking soda, water, a "treasure" and vinegar! They are fun to find and fun to get the "treasure" out . . . lots of fizzing fun!

This Summer there will be lots of Treasure Rocks at grandma's . . . after all, it can not be boring to be at grandma's house!

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