Saturday, June 27, 2015

Being "Edited", Counting & Photos!

Image result for images of the word happyWell, I planned to write this morning, but my grandsons are here and I've been busy snuggling, talking, laughing and enjoying these three sweet boys!

Now, lunch is over, Shane is taking his nap, Josiah is reading a book and I have a few minutes to write before I do something with Caleb. This morning when the boys woke up I said, "How is my boys today?" to which Josiah immediately replied, "It should be 'are', not 'is'." He is absolutely correct. And he is six years old. I was "edited" this morning by a six-year-old! I guess I'll have to hire him to be my copy editor for my book! 

Caleb spilled some dry cereal he was nibbling and didn't want to pick it up. I told him we would play a game; one of us would say how many pieces they were going to pick up and then the other one had to pick up the same amount. We did this back and fourth, counting when Shane joined in! He counted with us - to three . . . he is not quite two, so I am impressed!

My morning has been fun and filled my heart with happiness!

After Shane's nap we are going out into my yard to take some photos of the boys together . . . if I can find one I like, I'll use it on the cover of my book; Why it is Impossible to Spoil Grandchildren; and Other Important Facts for Grandparents, and Parents, too! I'm almost ready to release the book, so pretty soon - in about a week or two, I'll be holding a giveaway!

I hope you are enjoying your day!

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