Thursday, June 4, 2015

Blankets, Love & Prayers!

For Christmas 2013 I crocheted blankets for my grandsons, Josiah and Caleb. (I had just crocheted a blanket for baby Shane when he was born.) I knew it would take a fair amount of time to make both blankets, since I wanted them to be fairly large, but while I was pretty sure a five year old and a two year old would not be all that excited about opening blankets for Christmas, I still wanted them to have the blankets, so I made them.

Josiah's blanket was crocheted in a zig-zag with lots of shades of green - to
make grass and mountains, grey for a road and different shades of blue for the sky. I crocheted a jeep which I appliqued to the blanket with him as the driver and I made another Josiah and his puppy Gimli which I put out in the, "grass". For fun I added a big, hair, one-eyed monster - since we made up lots of one-eyed monster stories - and put it out in the "grass" as well!

Caleb's blanket was mostly shades of black (for space) and I crocheted a rocket with Caleb and Gimli waving from the window, a space ship with an alien and a star and lots of rows of colors around the edge!

I prayed for my grandsons as I made their blankets - I prayed God would draw them to Him, I asked God to open their eyes, so they will see, know, love and walk with Him all their lives and asked God to protect them from being deceived by Satan's lies.

All of this a year and a half ago. 

Then, last night my hubby and I were putting the boys to bed at their house after spending the day with them, when Caleb told me he had to have his favorite blanket to go to sleep. He grabbed the blanket I made for him and said, "I love this blanket because you made it for me, grandma!" Then Josiah joined in and said, "I love the blanket you made me, grandma, because it is like being wrapped in a hug from you!

Okay, yes, my heart is ever, so happy! I thought the boys would think, "Great. Blankets." when they got them for Christmas - they were just two and five, but they love the blankets I made, because I made the blankets for them. Their mom told me this is true - the boys really love their blankets!

Josiah is correct; when they are wrapped up in their blankets it is like being wrapped in a hug from me! I'm glad these blankets remind them of their grandma's love for them - and now they remind them of how I pray for them, too. I told them last night I prayed for them while I made their blankets; which put a very big smile on their faces! If these blankets are a tangible, present reminder to these boys of how their grandma loves and prays for them, then they are absolutely worth every second it took to make them!

(Baby Shane's blanket is blue for the ocean and sky with Noah's Ark, a dove, turtles and fish in the ocean!)

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