Friday, June 26, 2015

Children and Common Courtesies

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In this day and age, it is not uncommon to see children grow up without an understanding of basic manners. Courtesies such as, opening a door for a lady and pulling out a chair are things many young boys are just not taught; or do not have modeled for them.

When my son was young, about seven years old, we moved from California to Michigan. At one rest stop we were walking to the Courtesy Building when my son noticed a couple elderly women were nearing the door. He ran ahead and opened the door for them. A large, burly truck driver noticed and said, "Way to go!" The ladies smiled and fussed over what a polite, little boy he was. People at that time, were surprised to see a young boy show this courtesy, but they did notice and they did comment.

This past Sunday my grandsons went to church with us because they slept-over on Saturday night. As we walked up to the church, Caleb was holding my hand. When we neared the door, he let go of my hand and ran ahead so he could open the door for me! I was so happy to see my grandson show this courtesy to me!

As grandparents, helping our grandchildren learn these courtesies is definitely something we can do. Some may think in this day and age they are, "out-dated", but courtesies are about showing love to others and this is never out of date!

What do you do to help your grandchildren learn these kinds of manners?

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