Friday, June 12, 2015

Children's Day & What Matters the Most!

Image result for images for Children's DayThis Sunday - June 14, 2015, is Children's Day! I love Children's Day and I love celebrating it, but while I enjoy the fun - fixing my grandsons' choice of menu, giving gifts and spending time with family, I appreciate how it is a reminder of the original reason for the day . . . reminding and encouraging parents/grandparents to pass on a heritage of faith to their children.

Yes, Children's Day is a real holiday . . . it has actually been around for longer than Mother's Day and Father's Day as it started in 1856. Churches began celebrating Children's Day on the Second Sunday in June and now a number of States and Cities here in the USA do as well. There are some states which celebrate it on other days and in other countries around the world Children's Day is celebrated on different days as well, but there is an actual move to get the USA to celebrate Children's Day on the Second Sunday of June.

I love the idea of celebrating children and especially love the idea of reminding us as grandparents/parents to pass on a heritage of faith; which is the most important thing we can do as grandparents/parents. It can be very easy for us to be caught up in our lives and the things we still want to accomplish, but really, will any thing we do matter if our grandchildren/children do not know, love and walk with Jesus? 

There is nothing more important to me than for my grandsons to know, love and walk with Jesus, so on this Children's Day I'll celebrate - we are having the boy's choice of menu, I have gifts for the boys and you can be sure there will be hugs, kisses and, "I love you's", but most importantly, I'm reminded to focus on what matters the most; passing on a heritage of faith to my three sweet grandsons!

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