Monday, June 22, 2015

LeapFrog Imagicard

Imagicard PAW PatrolLast week I shared with you my first impressions of the new LeapPad Platinum  from LeapFrog, which I was invited to review in exchange for sharing my opinions with you. One of the new things about the LeapPad Platinum which sets it apart from other learning tablets for children is how it incorporates the new Imagicards. What are, "Imagicards", you ask? Well, today I want to share with you what they are and how the add to the opportunities for children to learn while having quite a lot of fun!

Imagicards are a new "feature" used by the LeapPad Platinum. LeapFrog says; "Exciting, interactive gameplay: LeapFrog Imagicard™ Unlock more gameplay with six bonus LeapFrog Imagicard™ digital game and interactive cards with photo fun, trivia and more. (Game download required.) Use the LeapPad camera to activate 33 character and curricular cards and unlock magical gameplay onscreen."

LeapFrog sent me the Paw Patrol Imagicard game - it comes in a nice tin for storing all the cards and includes a digital code for downloading the game. The first thing you do is, download the game, then the children are ready to play, have fun and learn; in the case of Paw Patrol, they will learn math skills - number recognition, counting, shapes and more!

As children play an Imagicard game, they will need to find cards from the set which comes with the game and then take a picture of the card with the LeapPad Platinum - extremely easy to do! Once the photo is in the LeapPad Platinum, children are able to continue the game play with a different character - in the case of Paw Patrol, they play as the different pups which make up the Paw Patrol. 

I found this feature to add a lot to both the fun and the learning of playing with a LeapPad; definitely makes the LeapPad Platinum special! Imagicard adds an entirely new dimension to game playing and learning as children find and identify the correct card to play their games, change characters, play new games and the entire time, learn more and more!

Creative, unique and fun Imagicard is sure to become a very popular option from LeapFrog and is definitely something which makes the new LeapPad Platinum very special!

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