Thursday, June 18, 2015

LeapPad Platinum; An Excellent Learning Resource "Wrapped" in Fun!

I was recently invited to participate in the review of a new release from LeapFrog; and since I have been able to actually see and measure how my grandsons have benefited from using LeapFrog products, I was happy to take a look at their newest release in exchange for sharing my opinions with you. 

My grandsons were at my house Tuesday when the box arrived - much to their immense delight - and due to their parents granting a brief "reprieve" of their grounding from all gaming systems (I won't say what they did, but it did involve an unauthorized use of their mom's phone and the numbers 9, 1 and 1!), I am very happy today to let you know about the new LeapFrog LeapPad Platinum!

LeapFrog LeapPad Platinum
From - LeapFrog
Ages - 3-9

Favorite Features -
  • Familiar design and use - my grandsons have used LeapPad, LeapPad Ultra and LeapPad 3, so I'm very happy they were able to pick up the LeapPad Platinum and know how to use it.
  • Larger screen
  • More durable design. It looks more durable to me and LeapFrog says they designed it to be more durable. Clearly this is something time will show, but I do believe it will prove to be more durable. Since I have three active grandsons who will play with it; durable is good!
  • The improved graphics are excellent! More detail! More color! Brighter color! More options for game play!
  • The new, "Imagicard" system is excellent! I love how it is easy for children to use the camera in the LeapPad Platinum to take a photo of a special card - included with games and the LeapPad Platinum and then use the info it puts in the LeapPad Platinum to play in new ways! Children can change characters, be able to move in the game in different ways and experience an entirely new aspect to the game they are playing! It is more engaging, more fun and provides more opportunities for children to learn! Children - and grandparents and parents - will love the Imagicard System!
  • Wi-fi and child safe - extremely important to grandparents and parents alike. I know my grandsons have enjoyed the opportunites to go on-line with the LeapPad Ultra and LeapPad 3, so I'm happy to see this feature included in the LeapPad Platinum.   
  • Rechargable - I LOVE this! 
  • All LeapPad cartridges will work on the LeapPad Platinum! I LOVE this, too! We and my grandson's parents have invested in LeapPad games, so I'm very happy the boys will be able to use these in the LeapPad Platinum.
  • The new features added to the camera will allow my grandsons to "morph" the photos they take . . . I know they will LOVE this!
  • The price point surprised me as I would have guessed it would be priced at a higher point! This is a good buy as children will learn and have fun using the new LeapPad Platinum!
LeapFrog says; "Welcome to the next generation of learning with the LeapPad Platinum tablet from LeapFrog, makers of the #1 kids' tablets and the trusted leader in learning for 20 years. It features a 7" hi-res multi-touch capacitive screen and fast processor. Access our learning library of 1,000+ games and more, all designed or approved by LeapFrog educators and featuring 'Just For Me' Learning Technology. Games draw from 10 ways to personalize, from remembering curricular progress - a LeapFrog exclusive - to automatically adjusting learning levels. (Select games only, sold separately.) Take pictures and videos of family or friends with two cameras & video recorders. Connect with a friend on a peer-to-peer enabled LeapPad, and have your pets play together. Unlock more gameplay with 6 bonus LeapFrog Imagicard digital game and interactive cards. Features 8GB memory, front and back cameras & video recorders, music player, enhanced parent controls, kid-safe web browser and more."

Josiah (will be seven years old in September) told me he thinks the new LeapPad Platinum is very "cool". What higher praise could there be from a coming-up-on-seven boy?! He loved the new features and the new ways he could play games. Caleb (almost four years old) told me he thinks the new LeapPad Platinum is very "fun"! Again, very high "praise" from an almost-four-year-old! I'm sure they'll have more to say when they are able to play more with it - after they are released from being grounded!

As I have mentioned, I've been able to see how my grandsons have truly benefited educationally from playing with the LeapPads; I look forward to seeing how they learn while playing and having fun with the new LeapPad Platinum. I am very happy with what I see so far in the LeapPad Platinum, so as my grandsons are able to spend more time with it, I'll post again to let you know more about the LeapPad Platinum.  

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