Thursday, June 11, 2015

Origami and Thanking God for His Many Blessings!

6 Fun Origami Projects to try with your kids! Bits of #origami #kidsMy grandson, Josiah (will be seven in September) has discovered the joys of folding paper to make things, so it seems to me it is a great time to introduce him to origami! I looked on Pinterest and found a link for some fun, simple projects which make great first origami projects for children.

You'll find the projects at this link - I think they will be fun for us to try; particularly on a rainy day when the boys are at my house this summer! I especially like the frog - and think the boys will as well! 

Plus, something extra we could do with some of these projects is to review Bible events . . . for example, I could ask the boys what Bible event can they think of which had frogs in it??? (Creation would - even if frogs, dogs, bunnies and cats are not specifically mentioned, the same for Noah's Ark and definitely frogs for the plagues in Exodus.) Plus, we can talk about how thankful we are to God for giving us the ability to do something fun like fold paper to make cool things! Then we could talk about some of the other "small" blessings, the every day blessings, we may not stop to notice and spend time in popcorn thanks to thank Him for blessings - big and small!

I love how something like folding paper could give my grandsons and I the opportunity to notice God's blessings and thank Him for them!

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