Thursday, June 11, 2015

Summer Fun & Science!

40+ Summer Science Activities for KidsSummer vacation has officially begun for Josiah as he has completed First Grade! So, we are on our, "Summer Schedule"! For the Summer, the boys will come to my house on Tuesdays - any time in the day if their momma wants to drive them over, or poppa will pick them up on his way home from work - and then spend the night and all day Wednesday with me! Then again on Friday - any time during the day or on poppa's way home and spend the night and at least part of Saturday here!

This, of course, means this grandma has to have some ideas for, "fun"! It can NOT be boring to be at grandma's house! Yesterday we played, watched Big Hero 6 and then went outside and chased bubbles, played five-step-follow-the-leader and just had fun! 

Plus, Josiah (will be seven in September) started writing and illustrating his own comic book! He named his comic book, "The Lost Treasure in the Pyramid" and so far there are laser monsters and hacking monsters (hacking into computers) - can you tell he is a boy???!!! I'm looking forward to seeing his story as he creates it! Josiah wanted to do this on his own . . . which I'm very happy to see he still finds enjoyment in crafting his own stories!

Caleb (almost four years old) chose to play with playdoh - he loves to mold and build things . . . I'm glad because for Children's Day he is receiving a fun Playdoh set from his poppa and I!

Shane (almost two years old) played all day, but had the most fun chasing bubbles as I blew them and then pushing the little toy lawnmower around the yard!

Disappearing colors experiment - kids will think it's magic, but grown ups know it's really just science! #handsonlearning #magicalscience || Gift of CuriosityWell, this morning as I browsed on Pinterest I found a link for 40+ Summer Science Activities . . . the boys LOVE science projects, so I'm sure I'll be involving them in several of these activities this Summer - I think the disappearing colors, the diy solar oven and trying different bubble solutions are must do's for us!! When I can combine fun with science, I'll definitely do it. Plus, science projects are a great opportunity to point my grandboys to God, since He is the Creator of all science in the first place!

It is safe to say, fun will be had at grandma's house this Summer! What are your Summer plans?

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