Monday, June 1, 2015

Summer Plans!

What does your summer look like? This grandma will be spending more time with three sweet boys I know . . . and love! Since school ends this coming Friday for Josiah, he and his younger brothers will be able to spend more time at grandma's house! Hooray!

Typically, during the school year, the boys spend Friday night on a sleepover and then some to all of Saturday at my house, but with no school, we are adding another day and night . . . the boys will be spending Tuesday night and Wednesday at my house! WooHoo! I do love spending time with these three sweet boys!

I have plans for Treasure Rock hunts, searching for Ice Eggs, playing games, reading books and of course, snuggle time in this grandma's lap! Yes, it will be a wonderful Summer!

We will also be starting my, "Science, the Bible & Fun!" curriculum - the first year is about half-way finished and will involve the boys in science projects, fun active games which each take about a minute to play, crafts, cooking projects and will help the boys work their way through Psalms as they learn how to pray the Psalms.

It will be a busy Summer! It will be a fun Summer! It will be a Summer, most importantly, which gives me the opportunity to pass on a heritage of faith to my three grandsons!

What will your Summer look like?

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