Monday, July 27, 2015

A Statue & Why It Matters What We Do

Image result for images of a targetI live in Michigan and our news has been covering the presentation of a one-ton statue of Satan at a Satanist temple in Detroit. It may not have made the news where you live, but it has received a fair amount of coverage where I live. This statue is rather large and while, to me, it is disturbing to think anyone would want to make a statue of Satan, the most disturbing feature of this statue is how it has two young children on either side of "Satan" looking at him lovingly. More than disturbing. This is just evil and vile.

Regardless of the message the makers of this statue are trying to communicate (and they actually had long lines of people who traveled specifically to see this statue at its opening), they have sadly identified (perhaps without even realizing it) how children are truly a main "target" of Satan. If he can get children to turn away from God, not even necessarily turn specifically to him, but just away from God, then he has a higher chance of keeping them.

It may be easy for us to become distracted, or even complacent, as grandparents. There are so many things to take our attention. But, it truly matters what we do. We can not become distracted. We must be focused. We must be intentional about passing on a heritage of faith. We must understand we are truly in a battle for these little ones.

This is why it matters what we do. Yes, there are times when we can just "be" grandma or grandpa or mom or dad. But, it really does matters if we are focused and effective at helping our grandchildren/children understand God's Word is for them, God loves them, they can love God back, and they can know and walk with God. These things matter.

So, rather than being shocked, appalled or upset about this statue, we can use it to remind ourselves of how much Satan really does want to "get" children to follow him - whether it is overtly as satanists or as people who are deceived by the world and who have not accepted God's gift of grace.

We are in a battle for the children we love so much; stay focused. Stay intentional. Commit to passing on a heritage of faith. Make it a matter of focused prayer. The children matter too much for us to not do these things.

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