Saturday, July 4, 2015

Flashlights of Doom & Finding Kitty Kats! (re-run)

I originally shared this post with you two years ago, but when I saw it this morning, I just had to share it again!

Over the past few years I've shared some of the funny and sweet things Josiah has had to say . . . of course, as his grandma I think nearly everything he says is funny and sweet! So, today I thought it would be fun to share a couple of the funny and sweet things Caleb said! Caleb just turned two and apparently has decided he has lots of things to say!

Yesterday, he was walking around with a flashlight, shining it up on his face saying, "I have a flashlight of DOOOOOMMM!!!" I can assure you the thought this grandma had at seeing and hearing him had nothing to do with Doom!!! He even got his aunt laughing at that one!

Later in the day, he asked me if I'd turn on the light in the kitchen . . . so I did. Then he asked me to turn on the light on my refrigerator (it has water and ice in the door with a light) . . . so I did. Then he asked if I'd open the refrigerator door . . . so I did. I have a bag of mini chocolates in there, so, of course, he helped himself to one and said, "I found a Kitty Kat (KitKat)!!"

Like I said, funny and sweet! But the best thing he said yesterday was when we had lunch and he wanted to tell God, "Thank You, God! Amen!" It makes my grandma heart so happy to hear him want to talk to God!

What funny and sweet things do your grandchildren say?

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