Sunday, July 12, 2015

Four Days of Fun & I Learned Something to Remember . . .

I have just spent four wonderful nights and four active days with my three incredibly wonderful grandsons! Yes, I am tired, but it is worth every moment of feeling tired for the time I was able to spend with these boys!

We did science projects, played crazy games (sticky fish was a favorite - we played it several times . . . they licked one side of a fish cracker and tried to get it to stick to their face - the one with the most fish on their face in one minute "won"!), but the thing I learned the most from was making tie-dye shirts.

Two years ago we made tie-dye shirts, so I thought it would be fun to do this again. I got everything ready, but missed one extremely important step (which I apparently forgot from the previous experience) . . . pre-washing the shirts. If you decide to make tie-dye shirts ABSOLUTELY pre-wash! When we tried to squirt the dye on the shirts, it actually rolled off the shirts and made a very inky mess! We did manage to get colored shirts with fun tie-dye patterns, but it was significantly more difficult than it needed to be. I learned how important it is to completely read the directions, and follow them - especially when it comes to making tie-dye shirts!

The boys each ended up with four tie-dye shirts and then they were able to take their fifth shirt and color with permanent ink pens which they then dribbled rubbing alcohol upon . . . the results were so fun! Colorful! Cool! The best part of this project was how simple it was - Caleb LOVED coloring his shirt and adding the rubbing alcohol to watch as the colors spread! Their finished shirts looked great!

We played games, watched movies and just had fun together . . . a wonderful Four Days of Fun for sure! I am a very blessed grandma!

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