Saturday, July 11, 2015

grandma's chuckles - re-run - My Best "Grandma" Advice (re-run)

Today is the last day of our "Four Days of Fun", so I thought I'd re-share one of my "grandma's chuckles" with you . . . Enjoy . . .

Yesterday I had the joy of celebrating my grandson, Josiah's 4th birthday! He got to pick the menu . . . chicken nuggets, fish sticks and fries . . . his momma brought the cake . . . white cake with cream cheese frosting and lots of sprinkles . . . and of course, he got to open gifts! It was sooo much fun!

At one point Caleb, my one-year old grandson, grabbed his momma's purse and pulled it off a table . . . one-year olds do tend to get into things! This morning I heard "music" I was not familiar with! Dave (my hubby) and I began looking all around the dining room - where the music was coming from - and lo and behold, apparently Jackie's phone had fallen out of her purse when Caleb pulled it off the table!!!

I called my son to let him know we had Jackie's phone, (it was 7am) and heard a very groggy voice answer. I told him we had the phone and said I was sorry for waking him up. He said I was not actually the one who woke him up . . . apparently two "short" people did that! I could hear Josiah and Caleb in the background so I said, "Oh! I remember those days! You and your sister used to climb in bed with us when you were little!" I laughed and said, "Enjoy it! They grow up so fast. Before you know it they won't climb in bed with you any more and you'll just remember when they did!"

This is one of my best pieces of "grandma advice" . . . enjoy it!!! Children are little for such a short time. Take a breath. Relax. Enjoy it! Snuggle them! Hold them close! Read to them! Laugh with them! Enjoy! They grow up so fast. You will never look back and regret the time you spent playing with your children when they were little. You will never regret the time you spent snuggling and holding them close! You will regret cross words (which Dave did not have cross words for the boys, just a tired and groggy start to the day!) or the busyness you allowed to keep you from enjoying the time when they were little. Children grow up so very fast, so enjoy it when they climb into your bed and wake you up . . . even if you are tired! Children are such an amazing gift from God . . . enjoy the time you have for these moments when they are little! :^)

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