Friday, July 24, 2015

Happy Birthday My Sweet Rascal Grandson - I'm So Thankful For You!

Today is my sweet grandchild Caleb's fourth birthday! I have had my life made ever so much better by the arrival of this amazing gift from the hand of God four years ago and I am so thankful for him! This little boy is my sweet grandson; my sweet, rascal grandson! Oh, yes; he absolutely is a rascal, but a very, very sweet rascal!

I love his sweet rascally smile! I love the way he snuggles in my lap! I love how he smiles at me and says; "Kisses are weird!" just to hear me say; "Kisses are NOT weird - kisses are wonderful!!!" I love watching him grow up and learn new things and I love holding him when he is sleeping.

I know how very fast these years will fly by; it won't be long and he won't climb into my lap any more. In just a few short years he will be a teen and then an adult. It matters so much what I do when I am around this sweet, rascal! It matters what I say. It matters what I do. It matters.

I want my Caleb to know he is loved and treasured; because he is! So, every day, but especially on his birthday I want to take time to pray for him to be drawn to God, for his eyes to be open, so he is able to see the truth about how much God loves him and for God to protect him from the evil one, so he is not tricked by Satan's lies. I pray for him to grow in his love for God and to be committed to following Him.

I am so thankful for my sweet rascal Caleb and am so glad I am his grandma! Happy birthday, my sweet rascal Caleb!

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