Tuesday, July 7, 2015

just for fun - It's Chocolate Day . . . Celebrate!

Image result for images for Chocolate DayYes! Today is absolutely a day to celebrate . . . Chocolate Day! If you are anything like me, you now have a big smile on your face and are planning to go get some chocolate . . . after all, it is Chocolate Day, so one must eat chocolate on such a great day!

Enjoy chocolate - just be sure it is not chocolate harvested by child slaves. Research the companies policies or look for the Rainforest Alliance frog on the label, or other labeling which lets you know it was not harvested by child slaves. I buy Ghirardelli, Lindt, Hershey Bliss and Nestle as they are all "safe".

Plus, I heard on the news a new study showed if we eat 100 grams of chocolate a day we will have a 23% lower chance of stroke and a 14% lower chance of heart attack!!! Where did I put my chocolate???!!!

So on this tasty day, enjoy! Share some chocolate with the people you love! (My favorite chocolate cake recipe is at this link - I might bake a cake today, too!) Celebrate! It is Chocolate Day!   

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