Sunday, July 19, 2015

My Sweet Boys are Growing!

I enjoyed my usual Friday night and Saturday with my sweet boys - we usually have the boys over for a sleep-over each Friday. I was amazed by how much the boys - all three of them - have been growing! I see them four days a week (usually Tuesday evening, Wednesday, Friday evening and Saturday during the Summer), but they have all been growing - they must have had a growth spurt!  

They are getting taller . . . Shane is starting to talk more (he will be two in just a couple weeks!), Caleb finally is learning to use the potty (he will be four in five days!) - he has known how for at least six months, but has not been the slightest motivated to do so, but yesterday he kept coming to me and saying he needed to, "Put poo in the potty!" Since he has been so uninterested in doing so, to hear these words now is a truly wonderful thing! Josiah continues to get better and better at his reading. The other day I read something for him and he told me he could read it himself, after all he, "is a level 'O'!" (First Graders in his school were expected to reach level "J" by the end of the year - being at level "O" is something we are all quite pleased by!)

I love watching my sweet boys grow; they are learning so much! As much as I love watching them grow and learn, I love seeing them grow in their understanding of God and His love for them! We are working our way through the book I reviewed today - I Can Learn the Bible: The Joshua Code for Kids: 52 Devotions and Scriptures for Kids - and was so happy to listen to the boys as they talked about how they know only God could create our world and then share their favorite thing God created - they all seem united in thinking dogs are the best thing God created!

Watching my sweet boys grow is a blessing - I am most thankful for it! What do you love seeing as your grandchildren/children grow?

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