Tuesday, July 7, 2015

My Top Five Reasons for Having the Boys at My House This Summer!

Image result for Top Five clipartMy grandsons are almost two, almost four and soon to be seven years old. They are not quiet, shy, soft-spoken boys; they have loads of energy - far more than I even think of having! These three boys definitely tire me out, but tired or not, I happily look forward to the time they spend at my house during the summer! Why? The following are my Top Five Reasons . . . 

  1. I absolutely take seriously my responsibility, and joy, to pass on a heritage of faith to my grandsons. I want them to grow to love, know and walk with Jesus all of their lives and will do anything I can to help them. I know nothing in this life matters if they grow up and do not believe; I want them to spend eternity in Heaven, so I do all I can to pass on a heritage of faith.
  2. I want my grandsons to know beyond a shadow of doubt, I love them. I want them to hear it and experience it throughout their lives. I love them and want them to know this for sure!
  3. My grandsons like to come to my house - they want to be here! Especially in the summer, it is nice for them to spend time each week at my house. I hope as they grow up they continue to want to spend time with their poppa and me!
  4. They are my grandsons. This in and of itself is enough of a reason!
  5. They fill my heart with joy! I love spending time with them - they are active and energetic, but they are also sweet and loving and funny! 
I treasure the time I get to spend with my grandsons and want to pass on a heritage of faith, so I happily take the opportunities which come to spend time with them - after all, I know these years will fly by and they will be grown before I know it. It won't be too many more years before they are bigger and less tiring for me, but I know the time I spend now is an investment - one I absolutely want to make!

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