Wednesday, July 1, 2015


Remember . . . as we get older, it can become more of a challenge to remember. Josiah tells me when I got older, I got, "holes in my brain" - this is why I forget things from time to time! 

Today's devotional, "Remembering the Lord", by Bobbie Wolgemuth in my Grandmother's Bible encouraged me to remember! She encourages us to share our stories, "Stories which display God's character - His great faithfulness, His promises and His pattern of working in the many years of your life - are an encouragement your kids and grandkids need to hear when they're in a desperate situation. What word from Scripture did you cling to? What hymn did you sing? What prayer did you pray when your own life was engulfed by catastrophe? Remember the Lord. Give your family the gift only you can give - stories of God's deliverance on your behalf. And like Jeremiah, you will be filled with thanksgiving and able to tell everyone, 'salvation comes from the Lord.'"!

What are your stories? How do you remember them? One thing I've come to value from something as simple and common as facebook, is the opportunity it provides for me to "record" important things I want to remember. When the boys say or do something I want to remember, I post it . . . and go back to re-read them from time to time! I'm so glad I did! These memories are treasures I do not want to lose! 

In the same way we can save important ways, big and small, where God showed His faithfulness to us! Whether you keep those memories on facebook or in a journal, be sure to keep them somewhere. They will be a treasure for you - and for generations to come!

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