Tuesday, July 28, 2015

"Thank You God, For My Birthday!" & "I Have Only Practiced For Having Fun!"

This past Saturday we celebrated my sweet rascal Caleb's birthday! This little boy is now four years old and I have to tell you, he is as cute a four-year-old as they come! As he received each of his gifts and opened them, he said, "This is exactly what I wanted!!!" Then he said, "Thank you!" and played with each of his new toys. The delight, thankfulness and joy he showed made all of us who gave him a gift experience his joy, too!

I personally enjoyed hearing him laugh as he played with his toys - a laugh just filled with pure joy! My heart feels happy each time I think about it!

In my family it is our "tradition" to pray for the birthday person when we have our birthday dinner, but Caleb wanted to be the one who prayed for our meal. He prayed; "Thank You God for my birthday!" I could not agree more . . . "Thank You God for my sweet rascal Caleb's birthday!!!"

As Caleb played with his birthday gifts, his brothers - Josiah almost seven years old and Shane almost two years old - wanted to play with the toys, too. It was a little "tricky" trying to balance encouraging Caleb to share and at the same time encourage Josiah to give his little brother time to enjoy his new gifts. 

Eventually Caleb shared with his brothers, but when it was time to go home Josiah said, "But, I haven't had time to have fun playing with the toys, yet!" His dad reminded him he had been playing with them to which Josiah said, "I have only had time to practice for having fun. I have not had time to have fun, yet!"

Interesting perspective! 

I'm glad Caleb enjoyed his birthday and I'm so glad I was able to spend time celebrating with him and our family as well! I'm feeling so blessed!

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