Tuesday, August 18, 2015

A Birthday & a Toad!

Image result for clip art for 2 years oldThe other day we celebrated my sweet grandson Shane's second birthday! He loved the presents . . . did I say, "loved"??? A more accurate description would be "LOVED!!!!!" And what self-respecting two-year-old wouldn't?

At any rate, after supper and after opening and playing with his gifts, the boys went outside to, of course, play with squirt guns! And, of course, once again grandma had a huge "target" on her as all three of my sweet rascals saw fit to get me with their squirt guns! The have such huge smiles when they do this!!!

I was walking in our drive way when I noticed a small toad - about the size of a quarter - jumping around. I pointed it out to Josiah and Caleb. Caleb said, "I'm going to catch it!" and he did . . . which surprised me as to how quickly he was able to do so!

I told Caleb to show his dad and mom what he caught, so he took the little toad over to them. The toad looked like it was about to have a heart-attack, so I suggested Caleb gently put it in my yard. He walked into the grass and threw the toad into the grass. Interesting perspective of the word, "gently"!

Josiah and Caleb both bent down to watch the toad and squirt it with their squirt guns when all of a sudden, Shane walked up and tried to stomp on it!!! I said, "No Shane! Don't stomp on the little toad!!!" He stopped trying to stomp on it, but before I could say anything else, "Wham!!! Wham!!! Wham!!!" - he squished the toad with his squirt gun! 

Apparently I need to have a talk with Caleb and Shane about what gently looks like and why we don't squish little toads - bugs, yes, but not little toads! I think I'm going to write a book about a little toad and how they do not have sturdy bodies like the boy's dog, Gimli, or shells like a turtle, but God made them to sing softly at night in the summer! (I live in the country in West Michigan, where in the evening, we can hear the little toads chirping at my house!)

At any rate, we had a wonderful birthday with Shane!

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