Sunday, August 9, 2015

Celebrate - I'm a Big Boy Now Party!

Image result for clipart for celebrationWe have been very happy with and proud of a certain little just-turned-four-years-old boy around my house. My sweet rascal Caleb is a big boy and we are celebrating this with an, "I'm a Big Boy Now, Party!"

Being potty-trained is a mile-stone in any child's life; it marks a point in time when a child is no longer a, "baby". I believe celebrating mile-stones is an important thing for us to do, because as we celebrate the reaching of an important mile-stone, we celebrate the child, too!

We are having cup cakes, cookies, bacon (I know . . . bacon! But, it is on his list!!!) and then there will be time for squirt guns and water balloons . . . and gifts! I know celebrating being potty-trained may sound silly, but I want my grandsons to grow up with memories of being celebrated by the people who love them . . . and what better time to do some celebrating??!!!

What mile-stones do you celebrate?

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