Monday, August 3, 2015

crafting with grandma - Sponge Bombs!

As you have probably noticed from reading several of my recent posts, my grandsons enjoy playing with water balloons, squirt guns and the sprinkler! It is certainly a good thing we live in West Michigan where there is no shortage of water!

This summer we have been experimenting with water balloons . . . making, filling and tying them the "old-fashioned way" does take quite a bit of time. We tried one of those new, "instant fill" water balloons and while they definitely fill very quickly . . . and are ready to go without needing to tie them all, they do not hold water for long and tend to "bounce off" the people you throw them at.

So . . . this week I plan to involve the boys in making, "Sponge Bombs"! I found the directions on Pinterest and it looks like if we make a nice "batch", the boys will have lots and lots of fun throwing their "sponge bombs" again and again and again . . . I am likely to get wet as I always seem to have a "target" on me when the boys get water balloons and squirt guns!

And added "bonus" with "sponge bombs" seems like even in areas where there is not as much water, soaking the "sponge bombs" in a bucket of water seems like it would not use as much water and certainly wouldn't leave water running from a hose or spigot.

At any rate, you'll find the directions for making your "sponge bombs" at this link . . . get ready for fun making your set of "sponge bombs" and definitely playing with them!


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