Sunday, August 23, 2015

Grandma Job Descriptions . . .

As all you grandmas know, we have a job with some specific "job descriptions"; I thought it would be fun today to take a look at just a few of them . . . 
  • The giver of hugs . . . as I mentioned yesterday, hugs help you live a long and healthy life and they are just essential when it comes to grandmas and grandchildren!
  • The giver of kisses . . . basically the same philosophy applies to giving kisses as it does for giving hugs! While my grandsons like to say from time-to-time; "Kisses are weird!" I'm of the definite opinion; "Kisses are wonderful!"
  • Of course, around this house, kisses often end up as raspberries . . . or it is not unusual for the original intent to be the raspberry, but the boys act like they are going to give me a kiss . . . did I mention my sweet boys are sweet rascals??!!! So, fun is essential . . . and raspberries, squirting grandma with squirt guns, playing hide and seek and digging for pirate treasure in the sand box are all fun . . . at least when you have three sweet rascal grandsons!
Well, these are three parts of the "job description" for grandmas! But, while they are important - even essential, the most important thing a grandma can do (or a grandpa, mom or dad) is to pass on a heritage of faith. I want my grandsons to have wonderful memories of being loved and having fun at their grandparents, but most importantly, I want them to know Jesus loves them. I want them to know they can love Him back and then know and walk with Him each day of their lives. So, along with giving hugs, kisses and fun, a grandma's most important, "job" is to point her sweet grandchildren to Jesus!

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