Tuesday, August 11, 2015

just for fun - It is Son & Daughter Day!

I believe every day should be Son and Daughter Day: a day where we, spend  time with our children. Children are gifts from the hand of God and while I tend to write about grandchildren, I absolutely love and am ever so thankful for my daughter, son and daughter-in-law!

So, today is a great day to spend with your son and/or daughter. It's not a day for gift giving . . . except for the gift of time. If your son and daughter are still young and live at home with you, the sad news is time goes by quickly - so very quickly. Spend as much as you can of today and everyday in their company. At the least, be sure you eat at least one meal a day together.  If your son and/or daughter live elsewhere, take time to call, visit or email them . . . just to let them know you love them!  

What will you do to celebrate Son & Daughter Day?

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