Saturday, August 15, 2015

LeapFrog Scout's Build & Discover Tool Set

As I said yesterday, LeapFrog recently invited me to review a number of their new toys - and sent them to me for review in exchange for writing my opinion of the toys. Today I'm very happy to share with you my review of Scout's Build and Discover Tool Set.

My grandsons love tools. They grew up seeing their dad (who is a Master Mechanic) and their Poppa use tools, so it was "normal" to them for boys to like and use tools. In fact, at one family meal we were talking with my brother-in-law and he mentioned how he did not have tools. Josiah - who at the time was two - looked at him incredulously and said; "Are you a man???!!!!" Everyone laughed because he was so shocked a man could possibly not have tools!

Toy tools have been a part of my grandsons's toys at home and at my house, so when I saw Scout's Build and Discover Tool Set in the box of "goodies" LeapFrog sent, I was sure my grandsons would approve!

Scout's Build and Discover Tool Set
Made by - LeapFrog
Ages - 2+

Favorite Features -
  • Includes a tool box/Scout's house children can take apart and put back together!
  • Also includes a toy hammer, saw, wrench, screwdriver and ruler
  • Encourages building and tinkering, counting, colors, imaginative play, role playing and fun!
  • Sturdy plastic - easy to clean and the fun colors makes it fun to play with
  • Great for hand/eye coordination and fine motor skills
LeapFrog says; "Keep little builders busy learning with Scout's Build and Discover Tool Set, designed just for toddlers ages 2 years and up. The tool set is also a doghouse and is easy to take apart and put back together using the 5 included tools and playful guidance from puppy pal Scout. Measuring, counting, color matching and more are built into songs, phrases and build-along fun. Scout helps children find the right tool for each job by naming and matching colors; the red wrench fits the red bolt, and so on. Children get to work on all four walls of the house, counting nails, measuring doors, sawing, hammering and tightening screws and bolts until each hinged wall is firmly in place. Once they add the roof, they've built a complete house for their pal! Scout's Build and Discover Tool Set comes with all the tools for the job-a hammer, ruler, saw, screwdriver and wrench. House all of them neatly inside for tinkering and learning on the go."

My grandsons think this is cool - lots of pretend fixing can happen with a toy like this! And I like while my grandsons play with it, they are learning - it so much more than just a play tool box!

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