Monday, August 24, 2015

LeapTV Mr. Pencil Presents Doodle Craft Game

Recently LeapFrog sent me a box of items for my grandsons to try and for me to review - I've already posted several reviews and today I'm going to share another with you . . . this time for the new LeapTV game, Mr. Pencil Presents Doodle Craft.

Mr. Pencil Presents Doodle Craft
Made by - LeapFrog
Ages - 4-7

Favorite Features -
  • Engages children and their imaginations
  • Encourages creativity and fun
  • Five "neighborhoods" for children to unlock and build their own communities
LeapFrog says; "Craft, explore and customize a world! Get up and get creative to design the ultimate island destination. Build and paint buildings, and use sorting, memory, observation and matching skills to complete quests and unlock new areas to explore. Designed for children ages 4 to 7 years, this Mr. Pencil Presents Doodle Craft game works with the LeapTV Educational, Active Video Game System. Create an island where every Doodle will want to live! Earn blueprints to construct exciting buildings, and customize each one to bring the island to life. Unlock new art tools along the way to add paint, patterns, doors, windows, glitter, stickers and more-for never-ending creative fun."

My grandsons, especially Josiah, love Mr. Pencil Presents Doodle Craft! He says it is a really fun game children will want to play. I liked how it gives children the opportunity to design and build the buildings in their own communities. As they complete buildings, they are able to unlock more tools to make even more interesting buildings! Josiah especially loved the paint gun tool! I will say, his buildings were definitely colorful and fun!

Not a "typical" video game, but definitely one which encourages creativity and imagination in ways most games do not! Mr. Pencil Presents Doodle Craft is a fun and unique game your grandchildren are sure to enjoy! 

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