Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Sweet Grandchild Story - Snuggles, Songs & Sleeping!

Image result for clipart of musical notes and childrenMy brother-in-law and sister-in-law have a sweet grandsons named Parker and yesterday Curtis shared the following, "sweet grandchild story" which I'm very happy to share with you today!
"Yesterday I was blessed with being able to spend the day with Mr. Parker.... always a fun way to spend your day. He is so funny; he had me laughing all day! 
Then just as I was ready to leave he came up to me and wanted up in my lap. I picked him up and held him, his head lying on my shoulder as I began to rock, him back and forth; can anyone not hold a child and rock them? I can't. 
Parker began to pat me on the shoulder and I sang HIS song; one I made up for him just him .... Papa loves Parker, yes he does, Papa loves Parker, to the Moon and back! 
I sang this little lullaby over and over and in a few minutes he was sleeping on my shoulder.... there is NOTHING better than that, having your sweet grandson sleeping as you hold him. I am so blessed!"
Thank you Curtis for sharing this sweet grandchild story! Do you have a special song you sing to your sweet grandchild/child?

Please share your, "sweet child stories"!

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