Saturday, August 1, 2015

The 1st Color Run 2015

My grandsons spent the night last night and this morning their parents ran in a 5k where you get color thrown at you . . . the "after" photos show they have a fair amount of color on them!

So, the boys thought it would be fun to hold our own color run . . . they made medals, we filled squirt guns with water and food coloring, then took turns running in my yard while we squirted color at them! 

After the race, colorful boys received their medals . . . just like dad and mom!

We had fun with our color run . . . Caleb told me his mom said their color run was not for boys his age. I told him our color run was for boys who were almost two (Shane), four (Caleb) and almost seven (Josiah); to which Caleb said, "I'm four!!! This color run is for me!!!!" And it was!

If dad and mom run the color run again next year, I'm sure we will, too!

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