Friday, August 7, 2015

This Year's Hats for my Grandsons!

For the past several years I've crocheted hats for my grandchildren (and sometimes their parents, too!) for Christmas. These hats have included Agent Perry, One-Eyed Monsters, rockets, their dog Gimli and Minions! 

I live in Michigan and "operate" from the viewpoint while I want them to have warm heads in our cold winters, if you have to wear a hat, it should be and could be a fun thing to do, too!

So, this year I've decided to make Ninja Turtle hats and a hat where it looks like a shark is eating your head! I think the boys will approve! Since I'll be making three of each (and possibly some for their parents, too) I will be starting the work tomorrow evening . . . when the hats are finished, I'll post photos.

Do you make hats for your grandchildren? If so, what hats will you make this year?

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