Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Tomorrow is Thoughtful Day - Let's Be Thoughtful!

Yes, tomorrow, Thursday, is Thoughtful Day! A day to be focused on being thoughtful to those around you. Of course, every day should be, Thoughtful Day, but since there is a special day to focus on being thoughtful, I thought it would be fun today to think about ways you can engage your grandchildren in being thoughtful on purpose!
  • Of course, the core of being thoughtful, is also being polite, so it is a good time to remind our grandchildren to say, please, thank-you and you are welcome.
  • Have them make cards to brighten the day of someone who is shut in or an elderly neighbor and then plan for them to either mail or take the cards to the people they make them for.
  • Let them help you bake cookies which you have them help you take to your local police and/or fire fighters to thank them for their service to your community.
  • Take their pictures - preferably with big smiles - and let them make a frame for it. Have them give it to their mom in the morning.
These are just a few ways to help your grandchildren focus on being thoughtful on Thursday - September 27th. What will you do to help your grandchildren be thoughtful?

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