Friday, September 4, 2015

A Prayer for Children

Across the country most - if not all - children are at school or are heading back to school after Labor Day. This year my sweet grandson, Josiah, is headed to school on Tuesday - he will be in Second Grade, and Caleb will be starting preschool. So, as I think about my Josiah and Caleb, the children in my church and across the country I know the very best thing I can do for them is to pray, pray, pray. I want my sweet grandsons - and all children - to have a good year. One where they learn the things they need to learn, are able to build solid relationships and most importantly, come to know and walk with God more.

So, my prayer for Josiah, Caleb, the children in my church and children everywhere is . . . 

Luke 2:52 - Jesus became wise, and he grew strong. God was pleased with him and so were the people. (CEV) Matthew 28:20 - Teach them to do everything I have told you. I will be with you always, even until the end of the world. (CEV)

Dear God, on this day I pray for Josiah, Caleb, the children at my church and children everywhere as they begin school. Please help them to become wise; not in the "wisdom" of this world, but in true wisdom which is from You. Please help them to grow strong; physically, emotionally and most importantly, spiritually so You will be pleased with them. Please help them learn to do everything You want them to do and know as they go through their days You are with them always. Thank You, Amen!

Please join me in praying for children this year!

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