Friday, September 11, 2015

crafting with grandma - Hot, "Painted" Rocks

Fall is upon us and is such a wonderful time to go on walks and enjoy the changing colors which often go with this brisk season. While you are on a walk - especially if you are with your grandchildren - keep your eyes open for interesting rocks which you can collect.

What might you do with said, "interesting rocks", you might wonder??? Well, this morning as I browsed on Pinterest, I found a pin with a great idea for making, "hot, painted rocks"!

All you need are rocks, an oven, pot holders, a stack of old newspapers - or paper - and crayons! Plus the desire to be creative! You'll find complete instructions for heating your rocks and everything you need to know about "painting" with crayons at the following link.

These colorful rocks could also make great Christmas gifts! Have your grandchildren decorate with Christmas in mind  . . . or decorate to illustrate a verse and write the verse with permanent ink on the back when the rock cools - and then you'll have fun paperweights or decorations they can give teachers, neighbors, shut-ins, their pastor . . . whoever they might think of!

What might you do with "hot" rocks???


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