Sunday, September 6, 2015

"God Knows Something We Do Not!"

Image result for pray clipartI talk a lot about passing on a heritage of faith to my grandsons; this is something which really matters to me. I want my grandsons to grow up to love, know and walk with God, all of their lives. So, we have conversations about Who God is and how very much He loves them. We do activities to get the boys' attention and help them understand how much God loves them and they can love Him back. We talk. We talk. We talk about how much God loves them and they can love Him back!

I can be intentional about having conversations with my sweet grandsons; and I am, but ultimately, the choice is theirs. So, when I am able to hear my grandsons talk about how their faith is growing, it makes my heart happy! Yesterday the boys were at my house and we were talking about prayer and how while the Bible tells us God always hears and answers our prayers, sometimes it may not feel like He does. Josiah (about to turn seven) said; "When it feels like God does not hear or answer our prayers, it is really just because He knows something we do not; because He really does hear and answer our prayers!

My heart is so happy! My heart is so happy! I want my grandsons to know the truth about God and to hold on to it; firmly!
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