Sunday, September 20, 2015

grandma's movie review - Letter Factory The Great Shape Mystery

I'm very excited to share with you tomorrow, my review of the new LeapFrog learning tablet for children . . . the EPIC . . . and yes, it is quite epic!!!

But, today I'm happy to let you know about a DVD for children which LeapFrog sent me in exchange for my review . . . Letter Factory Adventures - The Great Shape Mystery!

Letter Factory Adventures: Great Shape Mystery
Produced by - LeapFrog/LionsGate
Ages - 3-6

Favorite Features -

  • Return of favorite LeapFrog characters - Leap, Lily and Tad
  • Helps children learn about shapes, fractions and measurements
  • Fun mystery story children will enjoy
LeapFrog says; "Join the LeapFrog friends as they discover fun, learning-filled adventure comes in all shapes and sizes in the new Letter Factory Adventures. There's a new machine at the Letter Factory, but no one knows what it's supposed to do! With only a map and a few clues, Leap, Lily and Tad set out to unlock the machine's secret, embarking on an amazing journey which will teach them about shapes, fractions and measurements and give them the tools they need to solve the Great Shape Mystery! Children will use their mathematics  knowledge to solve the mystery and learn along with their friends to connect what they see in the video with the world around them."

My grandsons enjoyed this DVD and had fun showing their knowledge of math as they worked through the math problems in the dvd. I think it is a fun way to help children understand how to use math in regards to shapes, fractions and measurements. They will also have fun seeing where the LeapFriends end up and how they got there!

My grandsons, especially Caleb (age 4) and Shane (age 2) really enjoy LeapFrog videos. They enjoy the characters and learn from the stories. As grandma, I'm able to let them watch these videos knowing they will enjoy them and learn at the same time. This new story is a great addition to other LeapFrog videos; while the story is new, the learning is not! Fun and learning - a great combination and something we have come to expect from LeapFrog!

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