Saturday, September 5, 2015

It is Cheese Pizza Day!

Oh yes, Cheese Pizza Day . . . certainly a day worth celebrating, so in honor of this tasty day, I'm re-posting a recipe I shared back when I began grandma's cookie jar for homemade, personal pizzas! 

Just follow this link and you'll find the complete recipe . . . as I said back then, this is a recipe which is "pretty straightforward, but it is one your grandchildren can literally "get their hands into" and really help prepare a meal for the family to enjoy! Top baked pizza crusts with whatever toppings you like - each grandchild may top their own pizza with their favorite toppings - each one is likely to be unique . . . just like the person who made it! Bake again for about seven minutes and enjoy!

Talk with your grandchildren about how God created each of the ingredients they used to make their pizzas - lead them in thanking God for the good gifts He gives us! Talk with your grandchildren about how God made their hands so they could move and mix and knead and do all the things they did to make the pizzas and how their hands are unique . . . just as each of them are! Allow your grandchildren to hear you thank God for the wonderful gift He gave you when He gave you each of your unique grandchildren!" Enjoy!

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